The Agrenska Friendship Foundation

The Agrenska Friendship Foundation strives to raise funds that are used for different projects concerning the children visiting Ågrenska. The aim is to enable “our” children to participate in different games and activities that are often taken for granted as a child’s normal experience.
The work of the association can be exemplified through our accessible playground and our new room for sensory activities.

Pirater med svärd, foto.The Agrenska Friendship Foundation also publishes a newsletter twice a year to report on all activities. The members of The Agrenska Friendship Foundation consist of both individuals, families, companies and non-profit organizations.




For further information, please contact Inga-Lill Kringberg,



HM Drottning Silvia är Ågrenskas beskyddare

Agrenska is a NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations