Respite Service Including Summer Camp

Ågrenska provides respite care during weekends and school holidays, mainly for children and teenagers from Gothenburg and the near area.

The participants have a wide range of functional impairments, e.g. multiple disorders, motor disabilities without mental impairment, behavioural disorders and autism, and the needs vary widely.

All participants come regularly one weekend per month in fixed groups and on each occasion they encounter the same group members and the same staff. Our aim is to create groups as homogeneous as possible so that the participants can benefit from each other and shared activities.

Every group has goals according to our established goals for preparation for independence and self-determination, social coaching, friendship, leisure activities, developing understanding of the disability and its consequences. We also consider the needs, desires, and interests of the individual participants and groups.

Summer Camps

During the summer we arrange weekly camps. The participants of our weekend groups come for one or two weeks, together with their group. Children and teenagers not part of our weekend groups are also welcome during the summer. For the younger children we offer day camps, since the summer camp sometimes serves as the first experience of being away from home.

The aim of the summer camps is similar to the aim of the weekend camps; to make friends, to try different activities, to encounter others in a similar situation and to become more independent. The size of the different groups is in accordance with the needs of each participant.
Both our respite service and our summer camps serve as an opportunity for the participant’s families to enjoy time without the demands that come with the disorder.


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